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AIKA : The Power of Possibilities

At Aika, the most important question we ask is "What if?" It's a question that speaks directly to what we believe. Like an exploring spirit, and a dedication to discovering the new, and the better. In approaching each opportunity with consistency and technology. In knowing that collaboration and partnership yields exponential results. And we believe that together, with you, we can push the boundaries of what we all thought possible. For more than 47 years we've fostered an unexpected, innovative way of looking at and solving challenges. From the soles of the boots that first walked on the moon to tires that more tightly hug the roads here on earth, we invent solutions that worksolutions that deliver real results. We are a tenacious partner with a thirst to understand your challenges. We have the deep industry knowledge and the vast collective experience that inspires both bold approaches and breakthrough innovations. We believe in asking "What if?" Then, together, inventing something that makes "What if?" real.


  • Innovation ensures that the customers will be the first to benefit from pioneering advancements in Aika's products and their applications. Expansive thinking is encouraged through challenging assumptions and by leveraging our imagination for new ideas.
  • What inspires us is seeing the opportunity others cannot. What unites us is the intelligence to deliver where others have not. This benefits our customers because we meet their unspoken needs. Aika was established as a principled and ethical enterprise.
  • Today, integrity is reflected not only in our people but also our products, and our business practices and relationships.
  • It is our constant endeavour to offer highest level of customer satisfaction through total quality management and constant product innovation. We are marching towards our goal in the global competitive environment by now taking a deeper interest into environmental and social concerns. In the long run of our operations, we have tacked every challenge that came in our way and countered it successfully with our operational efficiency and management. Our passion to excel has given us a unique distinction in every facet of the polymer emulsion industry.
  • The business environment in which we operate is constantly evolving. New business opportunities and new markets are continuously being formed across countries offering immense opportunities.

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